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Mig Welding Guns


If distance and access are your problem, then take a look at the SuperSnake GT02S and GT02SW. The SuperSnake extends the reach of standard Euro MIG welding guns, providing simple distance wire feeding for a variety of filler wires up to 25 m from the wire feed unit. The SuperSnake GT02S/GT02SW removes the need to carry large and heavy wire feed units, reducing personnel fatigue, improving safety, and increasing productivity. Negotiating all terrain with ease, SuperSnake is the ultimate predator in the welding world.

  • Suitable for Fe/Ss/Al/FMC/MCW filler wires
  • Includes voltage and wire speed adjustment
  • Large, clear meter display
  • Brights™ LED cabinet lighting
  • 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-meter air- and water-cooled models
  • Visible safety with tough, bright orange casing
  • Gun remote control option
  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction
  • Lifting equipment

FE range is a superb combination of professional performance and a solid choice for customers seeking comfort, value and flexibility from a gas cooled MIG/MAG gun suiting light to medium duty performance. Gas cooled FE range MIG/MAG welding guns are available in models sizes from 200 A, 250 A, 270 A, 320 A, 350 A, and 420 A in either 3.5 m or 5 m lengths. These euro-connected models feature flexible cable sets and robust construction, plus an integrated comfort grip and superb balance for great everyday welding.

  • Great value and low service life costs
  • Low wrist fatigue – superb balance and weight
  • Extra reach 3.5 m or 5 m cable lengths
  • Choose from 12 gas-cooled models
  • Robust construction
  • Reliable, lightweight trigger action
  • Flexible cable set for easy movement
  • Euro connector
  • Excellent choice for steel welding applications
  • Aluminum boats
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Hobby and DIY

Choose from a wide range of Euro connected MIG/MAG welding guns from the PMT and MMT range. The only difference between PMT and MMT models is remote control functionality. PMT guns are pre-wired to accept the RMT10 remote control device, suiting several Kemppi welding equipment models.

PMT guns feature the same reliable structure as MMT family, offering both gas and water cooled models, but includes the option to fit the RMT10 remote control device, allowing power or channel memory selection during welding from selected Kemppi welding equipment. 16 models offer a wide choice, suiting wide ranging applications from 250 A to 500 A. If you are looking for remote control compatible welding gun, PMT is your choice.

MMT is an excellent choice for professional users across a wide range of filler materials and tasks, and available in both gas and water cooled variants. 18 models offer a wide choice, suiting wide ranging applications from 250 A to 500 A. MMT range also has one model, that is for mechanized welding – model MMT42C.

  • 34 model variants from 250 A to 500 A
  • The low fatigue comfort grip and balance limits wrist loading
  • Performance liners, nozzles, and contact tips
  • Available in either 3 m or 4.5 m lengths
  • Gas-cooled and water-cooled models
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Strong construction and easy to maintain
  • Euro connector for fast fitting
  • Guns can be used with Kemppi A5 & MagTrac carriages with addiotional carriage control cable (6190716)
  • Hobby and DIY
  • Aluminum boats
  • Shipbuilding

Multi-Neck is a fast-change gas cooled gun neck system, allowing one of five neck versions to be selected and fitted to the gun handle in seconds, ensuring you have the correct reach, angle, and nozzle type for those challenging root welding and difficult access tasks.

All PMT MN models accept the RMT10 remote control device, and when connected with compatible Kemppi MIG/MAG equipment, the RMT10 provides 'real-time' selection of welding power or memory channels during welding, saving time and improving weld quality and accuracy. A true multi-tool gun solution from Kemppi.

  • 320 A gas-cooled fast change neck system
  • Extra reach – 3.5 m or 5 m gun lengths
  • 5 alternative neck versions
  • 40 alternative model specifications
  • Low weight and excellent balance
  • Easy connection – standard Euro connector
  • Root, access, or positional welding
  • General Industrial Use
  • Repair and maintenance

WeldSnake™ guns are the simple, low cost, solution with Euro connectors, making it easy to achieve extra reach and worksite flexibility around jigs, fixtures, and tight spaces. Combining the performance features associated with Kemppi welding guns, including balance, lightness, and great cooling, the WeldSnake™ family offers a choice of 6 models, including 350 A gas-cooled, 300 A water-cooled, and 420 A water-cooled, in either 6 m or 8 m lengths.

    Great distance – No motor drive – Lower cost
  • Model options – 300 A to 420 A
  • No special equipment modification
  • Easy connection – standard Euro connector
  • Superb for Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Uses Kemppi Patented DL Chili liner technology
  • MIG Welding

MMT 42C is a welding gun for mechanized welding. This gun is available in 3 m (6254205) and 4 m (6254207). Gas cooled, 420 A.

MMT MN 32C is a 5 m gas-cooled multi-neck, 320A welding gun for mechanized welding.

MT51MWC is a 500A water cooled welding gun for mechanized welding. Two lenght options 4,5 m ( 6255162) or 6,0 m (6255163).