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Automated Welding


A5 MIG Rail System 2500 is the most cost efficient way to improve productivity in mechanized MIG/MAG welding. The system has an inbuilt weaving and rail fastening mechanism with magnets or with vacuum suction cups. With the system you can achieve significant savings for all applications where the weld lengths exceed 2 m or in case of multi-layer welds. In mechanized welding, the welding carriage carries the gun (instead of being held in the operator's hand), making the arc movement accurate and steady. The setup includes the FastMig M 420, a top of the line welder with unique WISE welding application software. The smart WISE processes provide significant improvements in welding production efficiency.

  • Fewer human errors affecting the arc movement
  • Increased welding productivity
  • Light and durable Remote Control Unit makes operation simple and fast
  • Easy to use and quick to set up. Save time, costs, and repair work with the easy-to-use user interface and integrated power supply.
  • Fast setup time with light, strong, and flexible 2.5 m aluminum rails that can be bent to any curved surfaces, including pipes.
  • Magnetic fixing of rails significantly saves set up and reinstallation time Vacuum suction cups available for non-magnetic materials.
  • Multiple weaving patterns possible with integrated Weaving Unit
  • Can be used in any welding position.
  • Flexible adjustment of the tilt and push/pull angle enabled by the welding gun holder
  • Significant savings with Kemppi Reduced Gap Technology (RGT)
  • Oil Rigs
  • Shipbuilding
  • Machines

A3 MIG Rail System 2500 is a simple and compact battery-driven solution for mechanized MIG welding and thermal cutting for applications where weaving is not needed. In mechanized welding, instead of welding by hand, the welding carriage carries the gun, making the arc movement steady. The handy system is an easy and cost effective choice for weld lengths exceeding 2 m as well as multi-layer welds. It is suitable for welding thick plates in medium-to-heavy industries, e.g. in shipbuilding, offshore, and general fabrication. The system can also be used for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting. The smart WiseFusion process provides significant additional improvements in welding production efficiency.

  • Unique Kemppi application software significantly improves the production efficiency
  • Save setup time using a battery operated model
  • No cable costs
  • Lightweight carriage is easy to move around and lift on the rail
  • No connection to another power supply needed
  • Battery capacity for 8-hour operation
  • Battery is an industry standard version and commonly available
  • Easy-to-use. Simple operation with speed adjustment and change of direction.
  • Saves time in preparation and welding because the equipment is also suitable for thermal cutting.
  • Operates on the same flexible aluminum rails as A5 MIG Rail System 2500
  • Oil Rigs
  • Shipbuilding
  • General mechanical engineering

Light mechanization is the most efficient way of improving welding productivity at shipyards and metal workshops. MagTrac F 61 offers easy start-up in mechanized welding and requires no special expertise, as it is operated similar to any ordinary welding machine. The carriage-integrated LCD control panel enables full process control. While the carriage performs the heavy work, the welder can concentrate on monitoring the process and quality. MagTrac F 61 is compatible with Kemppi's Wise welding processes, which allow you to further increase your welding productivity and quality. The carriage can easily be moved from one location to another. With MagTrac F 61 you don’t need auxiliary control cables or transformers, because everything is fully integrated in one cable.

MagTrac F 61 is sold in packages that contain the carriage unit, power source, wire feeder, welding gun for mechanized welding, and the necessary cables. You can optionally select a package that includes a SuperSnake subfeeder to get up to 25 meters of extra reach. 

  • Increased welding productivity and quality
  • Improved safety and ergonomics
  • Connects to Kemppi FastMig M & X welding equipment
  • Power supply and all necessary cables fully integrated in one cable for easy setup - no need for extra cables or transformers
  • Only the welding gun needed between the carriage and wire feeder
  • Compatible with SuperSnake subfeeder for extra 25 m reach
  • Compatible with Wise welding processes for increased productivity and quality
  • LCD control panel with a 180° reversible display
  • Includes Kemppi’s unique gun quick-fixing mechanism
  • Extensive selection of functions such as Cycle Weld, Wire Inch and Gas Test
  • Welding value and memory channel selection at the carriage control panel
  • Building steel frames
  • Shipbuilding
  • General mechanical engineering

A5 MIG Orbital System 1500 is a complete set of welding mechanization and welding equipment for circumferential joint welding. Suitable for pipe and tube sizes up to an outer diameter of 1500 mm. With integrated Kemppi special processes the system is efficient from root pass to all filler layers, saving up to 50 % in labor and filler costs. All relevant welding parameters can be handled from one single integrated remote controller.

  • Increased welding productivity
  • Pre-defined programs for different pipe sectors
  • Two separate wirefeeders can be connected, to be used at different times
  • Use of WiseRoot+ means no slag or spatter
  • Carriage can also be used for horizontal and vertical joints with or without weaving
  • Simultaneous control of carriage programs and power source channels makes control easy
  • One button for starting, stopping, and changing the welding parameters
  • Light and durable Remote Control Unit makes operation simple and fast
  • Accurate speed control and two drive motors
  • Multiple weaving patterns possible with integrated Weaving Unit
  • Flexible adjustment of the tilt and push/pull angle enabled by the welding gun holder
  • Only one power cable needed
  • Pipelines
  • Process pipelines
  • Oil rigs

A7 MIG Welder 450 is the state-of-the-art solution for robotic arc welding, ideal for integration with any robot brand. It is a complete, perfectly balanced process package that includes a welding gun, wire feeder, power source, and cooling unit. The equipment is designed to meet the highest Kemppi standards, which guarantee reliable welding performance with no compromises. The Kemppi Wise software provides added value for customers by significantly improving welding speed, boosting production efficiency, and enabling the same equipment to be used for a variety of welding tasks. The system's modern, browser-based user interface allows easy access to the power source from a standard computer with a regular browser. This enables unprecedented savings in setup time and provides quality control benefits throughout the equipment’s life cycle.

  • Quick and easy integration with any robot brand with modern fieldbus hardware modules.
  • Access to the power source from an external computer via ethernet with a regular web browser. No extra programs needed. Enables radical savings in setup time, as well as quick and easy parameter configuration, system management, and monitoring throughout the equipment’s life cycle.
  • Increased productivity and a short payback period thanks to the Wise software and a wide range of available functions. Wise processes are fine-tuned and pre-set to optimize productivity with welding speeds typically used in automated welding. The same equipment can be used for a wide variety of welding tasks and applications.
  • A comprehensive, completely balanced package from one supplier results in significant savings in time and effort when integrating the arc-welding package with the robot application.
  • Suitable for any industry using robotic welding for thin and thick mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum components.
  • Enhanced arc ignition functionality (Touch Sense Ignition) delivers minimum spatter and stabilizes the arc immediately after ignition.
  • The robust wire feeding casing with integrated wire feeder controller electronics enables faster and more accurate control with better resistance to external interference.
  • An integrated gas-flow sensor in the wire feeder enables the shielding gas flow to be monitored closer to the arc by default – no need for additional sensors. 
  • Search voltage level for the system can be set up freely from web browser interface
  • Robotics

If you are looking for a productive and reliable robotic welding solution, we have just the thing for you. The compact and powerful KempArc SYN 500 is designed for synergic MIG/MAG welding automation. Its excellent arc characteristics will deliver high quality welds. The robot interface can be realized with all common fieldbus protocols. KempArc SYN 500 is especially well suited for cost-effective retrofit cases and heavy duty applications, delivering 430 A at 100% duty cycle. It is available both in analogue and digital models for integration with different robotic control systems.

  • Robot interface integrated in the power source
  • Easy programming with the synergic curves and 90 memory channels
  • Fast fieldbus-based communication guarantees integration with all common robot brands
  • Available in digital and analogue models for varied integration possibilities
  • Compact and lightweight wire drive mechanism
  • Component manufacturing
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Building steel frames

KempArc Pulse 350 is a modular pulsed MIG/MAG welding automation system that offers productivity, flexibility, and much more. By combining the reliable and consistent weld quality of robotic welding with KempArc Pulse 350’s excellent arc characteristics and fast communication with all common fieldbus protocols, you are able to boost your production to a whole new level. In addition, you are able to unlock the full potential of Kemppi Wise welding processes for automated welding. They offer additional productivity boost in thin sheet as well as heavy duty applications. KempArc Pulse 350 is available both in analogue and digital models for integration with different robotic control systems.

  • Robot interface integrated in the power source
  • Compatible with Kemppi Wise welding functions and processes
  • Fast fieldbus-based communication guarantees integration with all common robot brands
  • Available in digital and analogue models for varied integration possibilities
  • Compact and lightweight wire drive mechanism
  • Remote control options bring flexibility
  • Thin sheet fabrication
  • Yellow goods
  • Steel structures

Replacing single-wire welding with dual-wire tandem welding is an efficient way to increase welding speed and productivity, and also reduce costs. Suiting a wide range of welding applications from heavy duty welding to thin sheet fabrication, KempArc Pulse TCS (Tandem Control System) is able to increase productivity between 40 and 80% over single-wire process in a reliable way. The intelligent TCS software solutions provide easy system setup and automatic arc regulation, achieving significant welding speed increase and consistent welding quality. As the arcs are actively monitored and controlled separately by the TCS software, it is possible to precisely adjust them independently from each other. The trail arc continuously monitors the lead arc and adjusts itself accordingly, resulting in several performance benefits.

KempArc Pulse TCS can be delivered with a welding torch option of your choice, either normal or push-pull model specially designed for tandem MIG/MAG welding. For monitoring welding parameters from a distance and freedom to position the power sources in a space-efficient way, you can either use the KF 62 remote control pendant, or KempArc Browser, an optional software application that offers a web interface to KempArc equipment.

  • Increases productivity between 40-80% over single wire process
  • Easy process setting and parameter control
  • Fast and flexible parameter adjustment
  • Optimized, independent and real time arc length adjustment
  • No system arc interference
  • Four process options available (variations of Pulse/Spray arc combinations)
  • Optional ON/OFF switching of either electrode during the weld cycle
  • Suitable for steel and aluminum applications
  • Reduced heat input on thin sheet materials
  • Can be used for single-wire welding with either the first or second wire
  • Reliable 4-roll DuraTorque wire feeding mechanism and full metal feed rolls with excellent wear resistance in both wire feeders
  • Connects to all common robot brands
  • Thin sheet fabrication
  • Yellow goods
  • Shipbuilding