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WiseRoot+ is an optimized short arc process for root pass welding without backing. The process is highly effective being significantly faster than stick (MMA), TIG and standard MIG/MAG short arc welding, yet producing high quality welds. The welding of fixed pipes in any position is possible and groove angle can be reduced by even 40%, depending on the application.

A stable and efficient arc resulting in excellent weld quality is enabled through precise real time voltage measuring, current control and right in time filler metal droplet releasing. Filler metal transfer is smooth and spatter-free. WiseRoot+ is a MIG/MAG welding process 131, 133, 135, 136 or 138 according to standard EN ISO 4063. WiseRoot+ suits for Kemppi FastMig X welding equipment and is a standard feature in FastMig X Pipe setup, and an optional extra in FastMig X Regular and Intelligent setups.

  • Increases welding speed compared to MMA, TIG and standard MAG short arc welding
  • Gives the possibility to reduce groove volume
  • Allows wide range of root gaps and faces without incomplete or excessive penetration
  • Easier to learn welding technique
  • No need for backing ring
  • Less spatter
  • Allows welding of fixed pipes in all positions
  • Allows welding of rotated pipes
  • Allows welding with long cables
  • Processes can be used with different materials; steel, stainless steels and high alloyed steels
  • In WiseRoot+ excellent arc characteristic also with CO2
  • Wide selection of wire diameter (0,8 – 1,2)
  • Tanks and silos
  • Pressure vessels and boilers
  • Pipelines

WiseThin+ is developed for faster and productive manual sheet welding, for ferrous and non ferrous materials. With the process you can weld in any position and also down hand, even with wide gap or varying gap tolerances. Weld pool control is excellent and the amount and size of spatters reduced. WiseThin+ provides even 25% lower heat input than normal MIG/MAG welding, reducing material distortion and post weld rework.

Process offers excellent welding characteristics in plate thicknesses 0.8 - 3.0 mm, even with CO₂ shielding gas. Welding speed is higher than in traditional short arc welding. Refinement of the process is based on accurate and real-time voltage measurement and filler wire droplet detachment. Thus droplet transfer to the weld pool is soft and controlled. WiseThin+ is a MIG/MAG welding process 131, 133, 135, 136 and 138 according to standard EN ISO 4063. WiseThin+ welding process is a standard feature in FastMig X Intelligent setup, and optional feature in FastMig X Regular and Pipe setups.

  • Higher welding speed than in traditional shot arc welding
  • High quality welds, reduced post weld rework
  • Lower heat input and thus also less deformation
  • Decreased amount and size of spatters
  • Stable arc for positional welding for thicker plate thicknesses
  • Excellent arc ignition for tack and intermittent welds
  • Savings in welding costs as you get mixed gas welding characteristics with pure CO₂
  • Down hand and all positional welding
  • Easy to make short welds because of accurate arc control
  • Suitable for brazing
  • Expands the parameter window and thus reduces the need to use smaller wire diameters
  • Soft and pleasant arc characteristics
  • Easy to use
  • Process pipelines
  • Thin sheet fabrication
  • Car chassis

Optimized arc characteristics for different transfer modes make MIG welding of carbon steels easy and efficient with WiseSteel. For example, thanks to the intelligent control system, challenges related to the globular transfer are now tackled. This is achieved by alternating short arc transfer with spray transfer, which reduces spatter by up to 30%, increases travel speed, and produces high-quality welds characterized by regular fish-scale pattern. In short-circuit transfer, WiseSteel adaptively improves the arc stability, thus providing better out-of-position welding capabilities. Moreover, micropulsing of the current and voltage in spray transfer mode constricts the arc increasing travel speed by up to 30%.

  • Easier weld pool control in the PF position and precise heat input control on the weld pool sides, enabling higher travel speeds
  • Less welding spatter and higher travel speed compared to standard globular arc welding
  • High-quality welds with regular fish scale pattern in globular transfer mode
  • In spray transfer mode, the welding speed increases and heat input decreases compared to standard spray arc welding because of precise micropulsing of the arc
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction

WisePenetration optimized welding function is designed to keep welding current and thus penetration invariable regardless of the changes in stick-out length in manual welding. Normally in MIG/MAG welding the power to the weld pool is changing as the welder or weld piece dictates the distance between the joint and welding gun nozzle. These deviations may result in quality issues such as lack of fusion, incomplete or inconsistent penetration, changes in weld profile and of course welding spatter. WisePenetration solves these issues and reduces the need for post-grinding and repair work. The function prevents the current from dropping down by actively adjusting wire feeding. This helps to keep the weld mechanical properties on a desired level and prevents welding defects. The user sets the wished current level, and with the help of WisePenetration, the current level does not drop below this level when stick-out length increases.

WisePenetration welding function is available for ferritic synergic MAG welding programs. WisePenetration is an optional software product for Kemppi FastMig M, and FastMig X welding equipment, but featured as standard in FastMig X Intelligent setup.

  • Narrow structures where visibility of the arc is a problem
  • Limited visibility or accessibility
  • Position welding
  • Difficult-to-weld joints
  • Pipelines
  • Shipbuilding
  • General mechanical engineering

WiseFusion optimized welding function produces a very narrow and energy dense welding arc making welding faster and heat input lower. Focused penetration area allows the welding of narrow and deep grooves. WiseFusion results in excellent penetration without a risk of undercut. Narrower arc also facilitates weld pool control in position welding. WiseFusion ensures optimum arc length eliminating the need for constant parameter settings. Adaptive and automatic arc length regulation maintains the arc always within the short circuit boundaries and raises your arc-on time.

  • Higher welding speed
  • Lower heat input resulting in less distortion and better mechanical properties of the weld
  • Possibility to weld narrower and deeper grooves
  • Excellent weld pool control in position welding
  • Easy to weld in all positions
  • Automatic arc length control granting always the right parameters
  • Easy to use
  • Uniform weld quality
  • Aluminum boats
  • Lifting equipment
  • Tanks and silos

For locking parameters in stored memory channels.

You can prevent unauthorized or undesirable modifications of your welding parameters by setting a PIN code.

MatchLog includes Minilog and MatchChannel activation in WFX feeders (Minilog can be used only with MXF feeders).

MatchChannel allows changing of the memory channel during welding and Minilog enables to change welding power in the same memory channel.

Track actual arc voltage instead of pole voltage during welding in FastMig M.

Eliminate voltage loss in the welding cables and know precisely the actual voltage. With the help of MatchArcVoltage you can accurately follow WPS tolerances.

Track actual arc voltage instead of pole voltage during welding in FastMig M.

Eliminate voltage loss in the welding cables and know precisely the actual voltage. With the help of MatchArcVoltage you can accurately follow WPS tolerances.

Order custom-made welding programs for FastMig.p>

For order information contact Kemppi sales.

ArcValidator is a systematic and accurate validation solution that links both workshop and office based process, meeting both local quality control and national validation standards requirements to EN 50504.

ArcValidator is suitable for a variety of users including maintenance workshops, welding equipment service providers, hire companies and mobile service teams. You can connect and validate welding equipment from other welding equipment manufacturers easily, without any separate adapters. ArcValidator saves you time, money and provides detailed customer records.

  • Fast and accurate with all welding machine makes and models (Measuring accuracy up to 550 A)
  • Fully automated for the most sophisticated Kemppi equipment
  • Step-by-step process guidance
  • Includes PC software and certificate creation
  • Integrated wire speed measurement
  • Supports EN 50504 standards requirements
  • MIG, TIG, MMA compatible
  • Manages both pre and post validation process
  • Load bank is easy to move and use
  • Automatic validation with Fastmig M, Fastmig X, KMS, Pulse and Kemparc Pulse
  • Validation
  • Repair and maintenance

Ever looked for a basic, user-friendly tool for accurate welding data analysis? ArcInfo is an entry level software solution for recording, presenting, and analyzing data on welding parameters. It handles cost calculations, facilitates new WPS qualification tests, and brings added value to welding training and research. Illustrative, easy to understand presentations of welding values open a new perspective on welding. All in all, storing and processing welding data has never been easier.

DataCatch, ArcInfo's device for recording the welding data, can be connected with Kemppi FastMig X, FastMig M, FastMig Pulse, or FastMig KMS welding equipment. The latest version of ArcInfo is always available for you to use.

  • Easy-to-use web-based service 
  • lllustrative presentation of welding values for each weld
  • Great value for schools and workshops
  • Improves welding training and research
  • Provides factual basis for cost calculations
  • Facilitates welding procedure qualification test
  • Contains useful information on some of the most common weld defects
  • Welding education
  • Repair and maintenance
  • General mechanical engineering